Fees for boarding are per day or for any portion of the day your pet is here.  If you drop your pet off today and pick up tomorrow, regardless of check in or check out time, you will be billed for two days.

Prices subject to change without notice.


Boarding Fees for Dogs and Cats


Boarding fees are based on the species and weight of the pet. For an estimate please call 707-485-8454 so that we can better discuss your pets needs. 


Extra fees may apply for pets with special needs or for those with a more than average likelihood of causing injury to themselves, other pets or our staff. Such as -

Puppies under 6 months of age

Females in Heat
Fence Jumpers
Fence Fighters
Property Destruction
Morbidly Obese






Birds, Pocket Pets, and Other Critters

Call for a quote (707) 485-8454