Boarding Fees

Non-Refundable, non-transferable deposits are required for reservations during peak booking seasons.


  Daily Rate:
Any Size Cat $30.50 


Weight of Dog: Daily Rate:
0-20 lbs $36.50
20-40 lbs $39.50
40-70 lbs $42.50
70-100 lbs $48.50
100+ lbs $50.50


How We Calculate Boarding Fees:

Boarding Fees are charged by species (Dog, cat, bird, etc)

Boarding Fees are charged by the weight of the dog (cats and pocket pets are all same rate)

Boarding Fees are charged by the day AND any portion of the day your pet is here. (If your pet checks in today and checks out tomorrow, regardless of the check in and check out time, you are charged for two days)



Additional fees may apply for any pet requiring more than our standard, excellent level of care