Bathing and Grooming 

Bathing and grooming services include:

shampooing flea and tick removal coat conditioning
ear cleaning and ear hair removal anal sac expression pedicures (trim and buff)
hand, fluff or cage drying comb and/or brush outs hygiene trim

A professional grooming also includes a style consultation with the pet parent - we discuss with the pet parent their pet's preferred 'look' and the time, energy and financial commitment needed to keep that 'look' while taking into consideration the family dynamics, the season (coat needs change from winter to summer) and the environment in which the pet spends most of her time as well as the overall health and condition of the pet's coat. We also cover the effects of diet on the overall health and quality of the skin and coat (you are what you eat!).

A professional grooming not only includes a cut and style to the owner's specifications (as discussed during the grooming consultation) but a complimentary "bang and fanny trim" between visits.  These in-between visits help keep the pet clean and the grooming style lasting longer thus lengthening the time needed between visits - a 'must' in these budget concous times. 

Lastly, for those pet clients with longer hair, a complimentary brushing lesson are given to the pet parents so they can be more effective in their at-home brushing to help the pets maintain a longer coat style.