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Effective January 1. 2020



A-La-Carte Services
Any single stand alone service
Pedicures, ear hair removal, ear cleaning, anal sac expressing etc.

Small dogs - $15 and up
Large dogs - $25 and up
$15 and up
Assistant - A La Carte Services 
For pets requiring an additional set of hands for safety or security. 
$10 and up
Assistant - Bathing or Grooming Services
For pets requiring an additional set of hands for safety or security
$20 and up
Theraclean Treatments Please Ask
Minimum Bathing Fee
Includes as needed: bathing, external parasite control, conditioning, ear hair removal and cleaning, anal sac expression, pedicure with dremeling, hand and cage drying and coat carding.
  • Chihuahuas. Min Pins, Toy Fox Terriers etc - $30 and up
  • Beagles. Pugs, Boston Terriers - $35 and up
  • Cattle dogs, McNabs, medium Hounds - $50 and up
  • Labs. German Shepherds, large Hounds - $55 and up
 $30 and up
Minimum Bathing and Brush Out Fee
Includes as needed: same as above with the addition of shedding out or removal of undercoat. hygiene/sanitary trim (pads. groin. anus. ears. round tops of feet, tidy up ears. feathers and tail) etc.
  • Mini Aussies, Shelties, Pomerainians - $50 and up
  • Golden Retrievers, Aussies, Setters - $65 and up
  • Large Retrievers/Aussies/Setters. Huskies - $75 and up
  • Old English Sheepdog, Irish Wolfhound - $95 and up
  • Heavily Coated Larger breeds - $125 and up
 $50 and up
Minimum Grooming Fee
Includes as needed: same as above with the addition of clippering and styling to the breed standard or to the owner's preference.
  • Shih Tzu, Yorkies, Toy/Mini Poodles - $75 and up
  • Brittney Spaniel. Cockers, Scottish Terrier - $85 and up
  • Medium Spaniels, Retrievers, Terriers - $95 and up
  • Aussies, Golden Retrievers, Airedales - $115 and up
 $75 and up
Standard Poodles, Doodles or Similar Coat types $150 and up

Additional Fees will apply for biting, difficult to manage,

obese or unruly pets, females in heat, etc.


Estimates for Services

Estimate for bathing and grooming are exactly that: estimates. Our bathing and grooming services are charged according to the length of time needed to complete the requested service. 

Factors that affect the length of time needed to complete the groom:

Size of the dog: 
Larger dogs have more surface area, more hair and take longer to do. 

Length and Condition of Coat:
The longer the coat and the longer the owner wants to leave the coat, the more time it takes to bathe, condition, dry, brush, clip and otherwise manage the coat in order to complete the groom. If the coat is matted, has packed in undercoat, the dog is blowing coat, the coat is full of debris or the skin and/or coat is greasy and flaky etc. then it takes more time to properly bathe, brush and dry in order to finish the groom to the owner's request. If the coat is very heavy and thick verses thin and fine, then it takes longer to take care of the coat. 

Other Skin/Coat Considerations:
If the ears have debris or lots of ear hair, if the head and feet are greasy and/or full of debris, if there are fleas and/or ticks or other external parasites, if there are excessive odors or other contaminants such as skunks spray, dead animal smell, animal feces, foxtails, car grease etc then it takes addition time to properly remove those and care for the skin or coat.

The Type of Haircut:
If the owner wants a more complicated style (a breed pattern or a personality trim with special furnishings, etc) or a style that takes additional time to complete or the dog has a hair or coat type that is not necessarily the best choice for the requested style requiring more coat products and styling aids need to be used in order to properly prep the coat, then additional charges will apply.

The Behavior of the Pet:
If the pet is wiggly in the tub, does not know how to stand still for bathing, needs special bathing processes to treat skin and coat conditions, tries to bite or is a puppy learning about grooming, then additional charges will apply for additional time needed to manage the pet's behaviors. If the pet is obese, aged, has injuries or other conditions that cause the pet to require additional assistance to be groomed, then additional charges will apply. If the pet is constantly moving about the grooming table, licking or biting at the dryers and other equipment or the staff, is pawing at the groomer, refuses to stand etc, then that will cause the grooming process to take longer, will increase the risk of injury to the pet and the groomer and additional fees will apply. 

If you would like an estimate for the grooming service, please let us know and we will do out best to get you the most accurate estimate based on your answers to our questions about various factors affecting the grooming time. We can examine your dog's coat and talk about what we are seeing and what we would recommend based on your preferences as well as an estimate to complete the groom. 

Please keep in mind, until we groom your pet, we can not predict exactly how long the process will take. We will not take shortcuts in the grooming that could negatively affect the physical, emotional and behavioral health of your pet.